Regional crises may require Egyptian foreign policy reset | Mohamed Abul Fadhl

SourceArab Weekly

The regional crises facing Egypt demonstrate that Cairo needs a new foreign policy.

Though it has succeeded in weaving a large network of relations with various powers, this has  not helped Egypt solve the regional problems it faces. Most of them are still unresolved or in limbo.

Regional and international transformations have had their impact on Egypt and other countries who have found that disputes have limited the strength of  their traditional foreign policies.

There are many changes in the region that have affected Egypt’s foreign policy balance. But there are two salient factors upon which Cairo should be  less dependent in future.

The first is the fluctuation of US-Egyptian relations.

The second is the patently-flawed Arab system, both from collective and individual perspectives .

Each factor contains many implications for Egyptian foreign policy and dictates a new set of strategic requirements that are at variance with the status quo that has lasted over five decades.

In assessing the first determinants, it  has to more...