How Green Is That Electric Car? And When It Hits 100 M.P.H.?

SourceThe New York Times
CountryMiddle east

WheelsThe Tesla Model S and the Porsche Taycan give environmentally conscious speedsters an outlet for their desires.In overall power consumption, the Porsche Taycan has been rated equivalent to a gas-powered car that gets 68 miles per gallon.Credit...Ronald Wittek/EPA, via ShutterstockBy Paul StenquistThey only look like conspicuous polluters.A new breed of electric performance cars, including Porsche’s Taycan and the Tesla Model S P100D, shows how environmentally minded fans of horsepower might square their circles.A supercar with a carbon footprint that seems closer to a jet engine’s than to a Prius’s may feel irresponsible in the face of climate change. But what about electric vehicles that can keep pace with or even outperform the likes of Lamborghini?The Tesla Model S can sprint to 60 miles per hour in slightly more than two more...