On The Hit-And-Maybe-Run Self-Driving Car Dilemma (Akin To ‘The Molly Problem’)

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AI Ethics and the self-driving car hit-and-maybe-run dilemma. getty Please prepare yourself for a driving scenario that we all dread and profusely hope will never occur. Wham, while driving your car, you strike and kill a pedestrian. The anguish is unimaginable. There is no one around as an eyewitness. You had no passengers in your car. Nobody witnessed the catastrophic event other than you. What do you do next? Well, similar to most states, here in California there is a legal requirement that a driver involved in a car crash must stop at the scene of the accident, they are to try and ascertain if anyone has been injured, they are to render aid if at all feasible, and they are to remain at ...read more...