Hot Off The Presses: Defining Standard For Self-Driving Cars Gets Newly Updated And Released, Here’s What You Need To Know


The venerated official standard for self-driving cars has been updated and released, here’s the … [+] inside scoop.


The new phonebook is here, the new phonebook is here!

That’s a famous line that people use to exclaim when the latest iteration of the local phonebook came out and was available for use. It was exciting since the venerated document contained the latest info about how to get ahold of someone. For those of you that perchance remember the antics of Steve Martin in the movie The Jerk, I’m sure you are already chuckling at the mention of a new phonebook and the accompanying delight that oftentimes arose due to the latest release of a thick tome that merely contained updated phone numbers and names.

It might seem like an oddball reaction nowadays, yet there was some validity to the keen interest in seeing the revisions and updates that arose in the latest incarnation of your local phonebook.

Shifting gears, there more...