The 10 Most Cost-Effective Plug-In Hybrids For 2021


The Honda Clarity Plug-In Hybrid can run for 47 miles solely on electricity and will cost the ... [+] average owner $650 to drive for $15,000 annual miles. Honda North America Automakers are betting heavily that the roads of the future will be populated with full-electric powered cars, trucks, and SUVs. As for now, however, their numbers remain relatively slim, with potential buyers wary of their higher purchase prices, and limitations with regard to operating ranges and charging availability.

The prudent go-between for those who want to both save money at the pump and reduce their carbon footprints is a plug-in hybrid vehicle (PHEV). Like standard hybrids they use one or more electric motors to augment a gasoline engine, for the sake of both improved acceleration and fuel economy. But a PHEV goes a step further by including a larger battery pack that allows the vehicle to operate for an extended period solely on electric power. Once the battery is depleted, the vehicle continues to operate as a regular hybrid under a combination of gas and electricity. While their all-electric range on a charge is far less than with full electric cars, PHEVs more...