Step-by-step guide to renewing a vehicle’s registration in Kuwait

SourceKuwait Times

By Nawara Fattahova

KUWAIT: Renewing a vehicle’s registration in Kuwait involves a number of steps. Third-party insurance is the first step of the renewal process, which can be purchased from any insurance office. It’s very important to always have valid insurance to avoid paying a fortune in case of an accident.

The insurance fee differs according to the type of the vehicle and how many passengers it can carry.

You then have to take the vehicle for technical inspection to a traffic inspection department, depending on your address. There is one traffic inspection department in each governorate. The inspection used to be done for free, but starting from May 12, 2021, a new fee will be imposed.

According to ministry decree 203/2021 issued recently, vehicle owners will have to pay a KD 2 fee for the technical inspection. This includes personal vehicles, trucks, taxis, buses, agricultural and industrial vehicles, commercial vehicles and ATVs. Motorcycle owners will only pay KD 1.

The decree more...