Carlos Ghosn’s Downfall at Nissan and the Aftermath

SourceWashington Post

Carlos Ghosn was a jet-setting captain of industry, the C-suite superhero who helped save struggling automakers in France and Japan. That’s why his arrest in Tokyo on allegations of financial misconduct on Nov. 19, 2018, while he was chief executive officer of Renault SA and chairman of Nissan Motor Co., came as such a shock.

Ghosn served two lengthy stints in jail before being released on bail, all the while professing his innocence and saying the deck had been stacked against him. Then, in late 2019, Ghosn slipped out of Japan and fled to Lebanon, where he found sanctuary. The fallout has been seismic for Nissan, which has struggled to move beyond the saga — especially after it emerged that executives opposed to greater integration with Renault had started working to unseat Ghosn almost a year before his arrest.

1. What were the allegations?

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Ghosn, 67, was indicted on charges of under-reporting about $80 million in more...