Self-Driving Cars Grappling With Human Drivers That Blow Through Stop Signs

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Self-driving cars need to cope with human drivers that blow through stop signs. getty That driver must have been as blind as a bat. Those are the first thoughts that you might have upon witnessing a driver that blows through a stop sign. In that same instant, you probably are also thankful that no one got hurt.

Whenever a driver opts to ignore or omit stopping at a stop sign, the chances of a calamity are pretty high. The kind of ultimate tragedy that comes to mind involves the shameful driver striking a pedestrian or ramming into another vehicle. Government statistics suggest that perhaps 20% of all traffic fatalities are annually due to running a stop sign (considered a failure-to-stop or possibly a failure-to-yield, see my collection of driving related stats at this link here). Take a moment to give that some serious and somber thought. Stop signs are important and whenever you are near one, you have to be wary of what other drivers might do, or what they might fail to do. A research study estimated that around 700,000 car crashes each year take place at stop signs, though more...