COVID-19: Helicopters patrol Oman to monitor night curfew

SourceGulf Insider

As the curfew has started in Oman, the Royal Oman Police (ROP) has confirmed its readiness to deal with any required situational demands.The first night of the new curfew saw helicopters whirring above the night skies and surveillance vehicles combing the highways and streets.Vehicles in charge of emergency services like water, sanitation and civic hygiene, ambulances and civil defense vehicles, vehicles carrying food and consumer goods, oil and gas tankers will be allowed passage. Container transport trucks to and from the official ports and entry points of Oman, manned only by a driver will also be allowed.Vehicles transporting medical staff and workers at the field hospital at the old Muscat airport, as well as passengers arriving and departing from the airport, will be allowed to pass through, on presenting a more...