Australian women say Qatar has not contacted them since invasive Doha airport examinations

SourceThe Guardian

Women who were removed from a Qatar Airways flight and subject to an intimate medical examination, sparking international outrage last month, have not received any individual apologies or been directly contacted by the airline. Passengers on the flight, which departed Doha for Sydney on 2 October, have told Guardian Australia there has been no direct contact with them from either Qatar Airways of the Qatari government in the six weeks since the incident took place. This is despite some passengers making a formal complaint to Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) and the AFP within 24 hours of arrival. They also have not been offered any compensation for the traumatic event. The women say they have all been contacted by the Australian federal police to give interviews this month. The AFP contacted the passengers while they were in quarantine and has said it is committed to pursuing the investigation into their treatment. The group of passengers, who have asked to remain anonymous, said they would be seeking individual written apologies and were still considering the possibility of legal action. They are also seeking an undertaking from Qatari authorities that the safety of travellers transiting through Doha airport be put ahead of other more...