Drive Your Dreams with stylish and powerful Dongfeng cars – The Peninsula

  • Date: 18-May-2022
  • Source: The Peninsula Qatar
  • Sector:Transport
  • Country:Qatar
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Drive Your Dreams with stylish and powerful Dongfeng cars – The Peninsula

Automobile major Dongfeng has introduced many stylish models in Qatar which will help people to fulfil their dreams.

Dongfeng –Forthing T5EVO is a new city SUV and has a stunning designed appearance of hunting eyes headlights, a lion’s roar front grill, and 19” inches rim & wheels.

The new city SUV is available in popular and appealing exterior colours (white, black, grey, red, pink & jasper green) & luxury interiors and (red & beige) -deluxe seats.

You can experience driving convenience with its panoramic high definition LED-coloured digital instrument and central 10.25” touch-screen monitor system. The energetic T5EVO is powered by a high-powered and low consumption 1.5Turbo charged- Mitsubishi/192Hp engine and is combined with a double-clutch (DCT) 7speed- digital powered shifting transmission, used by high-end luxury vehicles.

The car comes with 3 driving modes (Comfort / Economic /Sports) and the steering modes (standard, cozy, sport). It offers deluxe seats, smart space, dynamic intelligent system and touch-screen air-conditioning control system. It also has 5-Stars security safety features such as 6 airbags, high-strength reinforcement body & 5-Stars CNCAP passing scores.


Drive Your Dreams!

Dongfeng- Aeolus A30 is a new generation mid-size sedan, modeled with a European double-champion chassis gene layout. The vehicle’s- ultra-low wind resistance and low center