Germany’s busiest airport continues to mull halal logistics despite new study revealing strong demand among Muslims

SourceSalaam Gateway
CountrySaudi Arabia

Fraport, the company that operates Frankfurt airport, will not be implementing halal logistics anytime soon despite a new study revealing strong demand among Muslims for halal products via air freight.

The study led by the Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences included an analysis of the market potential for halal logistics in the air cargo industry.

Its survey of 772 Muslims found that 80% of respondents would be willing to spend between 5% and 20% more for halal products than for non-halal products, with a significant 88% saying it is “very important” to consume products that comply with halal guidelines. The survey also confirmed that potential customers pay particular attention not only to the integrity of the product itself but also to the supply chain, said the study.

Fraport senior manager for cargo development, Bernhard Lessmann, told Salaam Gateway the study gives in-depth insights into the challenges, advantages and disadvantages of halal logistics.

“However, many questions affecting us as an airport more...