Saudi Arabia to Allot 5 Percent of Parking Spaces for Electric Cars

SourceAl Bawaba
CountrySaudi Arabia

The Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs intends to allot five percent of the total available parking spaces for electric cars. According to the new municipal rules and regulations, formulated by the ministry, there will be charging stations for electric cars at all parking lots, Al-Watan newspaper reported. The ministry has classified charging sites of electric vehicles into three levels.

The first level is the long-term parking such as parking lots in residential buildings, offices, airports, railway stations, and regional transport stations. The second level is short-term parking such as parking lots in commercial complexes including malls, theaters, and hotels, while the third level is parking lots on both sides of commercial streets and main roads and Class A fuel stations. The ministry stated that the project aims to outline the requirements and conditions more...