Saudi transport ministry adopts advanced system to enhance road network efficiency

SourceArab News
CountrySaudi Arabia

The Saudi Ministry of Transport adopted a new system based on advanced technology to manage the Kingdom's road network and enhance its efficiency, SPA reported. The system is based on advanced technology to collect and analyze data about roads and reschedule the required maintenance and repairs. The work mechanism depends on several elements that include an evaluation of the construction and functional performance. It also defines maintenance priorities.

The ministry aims to depend on its resources to start operating the new system. MATT SMITH: Bumper government spending helped to ease Bahraini residents' financial difficulties during the pandemic, but the kingdom faces a tough challenge to reduce its deficit and bolster state revenue without harming an economic recovery. Bahrain's GDP shrank 4. 9 percent in 2020, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) estimated, as the pandemic dampened domestic consumption and lowered oil revenue. This contraction would have been more severe without a 4. 5 billion Bahraini dinar ($11. 97 billion) more...