COVID-19 UAE: Few good men and women serve community


This “Airlift” story isn’t about stranded residents and nationals who wanted to leave their country of residence to return to safety and comforts of their loved ones. This is the story about the Covid warriors, leaving the comforts of their native country’s home and the warmth of their loved ones, only to join their duties back and help UAE fight its pandemic. They left their EID to help us celebrate ours, ensuring our safety.

In a heavily planned and a coordinated move, – the UAE’s largest private sector healthcare player, have started bringing back its stranded caregivers and covid warriors from India. Through a chartered 8-seater flight from Mumbai earlier in June, it first flew its lifesavers: a cardiologist, intensivist, critical care and pulmonology expert who, upon arrival, underwent their mandatory quarantine and tests as per national COVID guidelines. Dr. Sanjay Rajdev, Consultant Interventional Cardiology at NMC Speciality Hospital, Abu Dhabi, who was one of the passengers on more...