Disturbed by noisy vehicles in UAE neighbourhoods? Then read this

SourceGulf News

Dubai: It was close to 3pm when a loud noise of a vehicle made Nadia Mohsen jump off her bed at her residence in Bur Dubai last week. After a momentary silence, a second loud noise from another vehicle reassured Mohsen that afterall, it wasn’t a nightmare! But her newborn had been woken up by the noise and she then tried her best to comfort the child. “I was so angry with the noise that I called Dubai Police to lodge a complaint.

An officer told me they were aware of the problem in the area and they will send a police patrol,” Mohsen, a 35-year-old housewife, told Gulf News. “Imagine my feelings. I was tired and wanted to have a decent sleep, after my baby had fallen asleep. Instead, I was woken up by noisy drivers.” Mohsen’s problem is similar to the one that many people are facing and have called the police to lodge complaints. There are motorists...read more...