Expo 2020 participants and exhibitors will be allowed to fly into UAE, says aviation regulator

SourceGulf News

Dubai: Expo 2020 participants, exhibitors and personnel sponsored by the event’s organizers will be eligible to enter the country, according to the UAE’s aviation regulator. Who else is allowed for Expo? * Citizens of the UAE and their first degree relatives; * Diplomatic personnel between the UAE and applicable countries, including administrative workers in the embassies of the UAE in these countries and the embassies of the applicable countries; * Official delegations, subject to obtaining prior approval; * UAE residents with gold or silver residency permit; * Crews of cargo flights and transit flights of foreign companies, provided that they hold a valid PCR test; * Businessmen and businesswomen provided they hold an approval from: General Authority for the Security of Ports, Borders and Free Zones, and heads of higher committees of the emergency, crisis and disaster management teams of the concerned emirate; and * Employees belonging to vital functions according to the classification of the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship.

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