Will vaccine passports open up our holidays?

SourceThe Telegraph
CountryMiddle east

We could soon have to travel with not one but two passports. One to prove our identity, and another to prove we have been vaccinated against Covid-19. The idea of 'vaccine passports' has been embraced by some countries, like Cyprus, keen to welcome back holidaymakers and business travellers as soon as possible. Yesterday, the Greek Prime Minister also called for standardised EU vaccine certification to reboot travel. But there are mounting concerns and questions about privacy, the feasibility of international coordination, and whether such a programme would be discriminatory against those who have not been vaccinated. Here we take a deep dive into how a vaccine passport might open up our holidays, once we’re out of lockdown and countries begin to reopen their borders. Which countries might accept vaccine passports? A number of countries say they are open to the idea of a 'vaccine passport' replacing the need for a negative Covid-19 test certificate on entry. In December, Cyprus became the first country to say it would waive Covid testing requirements for visitors who have been vaccinated against the virus, according to a Government plan that will come into effect in March 2021. "The amended action plan is expected to further boost the interest of airline companies to ...read more...