Emirates Group switches to biofuel to power its cabin crew transport buses

SourceArabian Industry
CountryUnited Arab Emirates

Emirates has revealed that nearly a third of its dedicated fleet of transport buses for cabin crew in Dubai will now operate on biofuel. The airline’s contracted service provider, Al Wegdaniyah, has committed to operating all road trips with biodiesel provided by UAE-based Neutral Fuels.Emirates commissions a fleet of nearly four dozen buses in Dubai alone, to shuttle its cabin crew between their homes and the workplace, clocking an average of 700,000 kilometres in a month. The estimated carbon dioxide savings from this initiative alone is 75,000 kg annually, and the airline continues to work with its other transport suppliers to extend this initiative across the transport fleet.Karl W. Feilder, CEO of Neutral Fuels, said: "Using biofuel reduces greenhouse gases and other ...read more...