Expat in detention offers Dubai cop a Mercedes, Dh20,000 ‘salary’ for freedom

SourceKhaleej Times
CountryUnited Arab Emirates

A man offered a police sergeant Dh50,000, a Mercedes, a Dh20,000 monthly salary, a luxury watch, and a mobile phone as bribe to let him escape from detention, a Dubai court has heard. The Dubai Court of First Instance was told how the 40-year-old Pakistani defendant sought the policeman's help to contact someone so as to escape.The defendant had been detained for another criminal complaint. The incident happened on June 18 and 19 and the case was registered at the Bur Dubai police station.Two other Pakistanis, both aged 40, are charged with aiding and abetting the defendant. All three are detained.The sergeant said during the public prosecution investigation: "I was surprised when the main accused approached me and ...read more...