New Data Reveals the Cause of Traffic Congestions

CountryUnited Arab Emirates

Other studies conducted by RoadSafetyUAE and Noor Takaful | Ethical Insurance observe that the UAE’s motorists recognize and give due credit to UAE authorities for continuously improving road infrastructure. Despite these ongoing efforts, traffic jams are still a regular occurrence. This ‘first-of-its-kind’ UAE car occupancy study adds to our knowledge and data by better understanding the circumstances determining the number of vehicles on our roads.“We found that a majority, specifically 54% of drivers, drive themselves. 67% of these drivers drive to and from work, which explains the traffic congestion at peak commute times. We are publishing these figures now so that we can prepare initiatives, backed by important data, to improve safety on UAE roads,” said Rawdha AlSakit, Head of Marketing for Noor Takaful.We wanted to understand through this study who prefers driving vs. being a passenger, and how often, as well as why trips happen and whether drivers and passengers travel alone or with others. The data derived offers a solid base for the stakeholders involved to discuss meaningful initiatives more...