RTA automates issuance of supplementary information sign permits

  • Date: 25-Sep-2023
  • Source: Gulf Business
  • Sector:Transport
  • Country:UAE
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RTA automates issuance of supplementary information sign permits

Image courtesy: WAM

Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has automated the issuance of supplementary information sign permits, as part of the authority’s ongoing digital transformation drive that is aimed at providing convenient and smart services.

The transport authority said service requesters can log on to its website and submit applications for supplementary information sign permits.

The system is now integrated with various other systems, including the financial and electronic mapping systems as well as the company licencing systems of the Dubai Chamber of Commerce.

The regulator issues permits enabling the installation of supplementary signs at specific locations.

The permits, which are now accessible online, are granted to entities such as health and emergency facilities, transportation hubs, public places, and major tourist destinations if they meet the stipulated conditions.

The design, installation, maintenance, and removal of supplementary information signs must comply with the standards, and the legal and technical specifications outlined in the Executive Council’s Resolution and RTA’s Traffic Control Means Manual.

RTA accelerates digitalisation

RTA’s traffic control manual enhances operational efficiency, reduces paper use, and streamlines procedures for all customers.

The system underscores the authority’s commitment to elevating service standards and complying with the best practices to maximise customer satisfaction.

It aligns with the road and transport regulator’s