‘Spoiled and expired’ food products seized in Bahrain

SourceThe Daily Tribune - News of Bahrain

Huge quantities of spoiled, adulterated and expired food products were seized and destroyed at the Askar landfill in a successful crackdown on commercial fraud. The move came following a decision issued by the Public Prosecution assigning the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Tourism to destroy more than 94,000 unsafe items that were stored in two warehouses, in Hamala and Juffair. The Ministry’s Inspection Department officials carried out the process of confiscating and disposing of them in coordination with competent authorities from the Interior Ministry, Health Ministry and Municipality of the Southern Region.

Assistant Undersecretary for Control and Resources Abdulaziz Muhammad Al-Ashraf said that the court had slapped those individuals who are involved in the business operation with jail terms and fines ranging from BD2,000 to BD5,000, as well as deportation.

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