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Full coverage of your industry & your market in one daily email.


News articles are the main source of credible information, constantly offering new opportunities and highlighting risks. Without industry news and market information, businesses can become irrelevant: news about clients, competitors, a technology breakthrough, a new law or regulation, etc.

But with thousands of articles published every day, how can professionals keep up? How can they be sure not to miss out on important events, opportunities and risks?

Whether you are in Banking, Financial Markets, Technology, Real Estate, Education, or any other sector, professionals need information every day.

All you need is to check one single email a day

We go through thousands of articles to send you what is truly relevant to your business. The news that you DON’T WANT to miss


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How does WriteCaliber help me?

Professionals need to stay informed: follow their industry trends, listen to what their customers communicate, watch their competitors, monitor government regulations, suppliers, etc And when these professionals are part of a big industry or look after a wide region like the GCC, it becomes almost impossible to stay truly updated, and they are bound to miss some opportunities or worse, miss identifying some risks. This is where WriteCaliber comes in. A truly personalized news experience keeping professionals informed in just few minutes a day. You can choose from a selection of existing channels, or simply request your own bespoke channel. The topics we cover range from a comprehensive industry update (e.g. real estate in the GCC, Healthcare news in Saudi, etc.) to more specific topics (fintech funding in UAE, Innovation in the Oil & Gas industry, etc.).

What do you mean by a Channel?

A channel is a collection of news, regularly updated, and carefully picked to follow a specific topic, sector, market, or any combination of those. Noise-free and comprehensive news channels.

How can I receive the updates?

You can susbscribe to get daily email or you can be a member on our telegram channels. Other delivery method will be introduced soon.

How many articles and sources do you scan?

For the current Middle East channels, we are currently aggregating from over 120 sources and scanning over 3000 articles a day. And that number is increasing every day. However, our technology allows us to scan any source in the world in any market. We only need to configure our system to match what you are looking for.

Does that mean I dont need to pay for any other news subscriptions anymore?

Our goal is to identify and show you the articles that you need to be aware of. When you click to read, you will be directed to the source. If the source requires a subscription, then you will need to arrange for that. We always attribute the content to its rightful owner.

How frequently can I receive updates?

You have the choice to receive them daily, intra-day or weekly.

Can I take the news as feeds?

We are a technology company that provides customized news feeds from thousands of sources. This is a subscription service and can be provided as RSS feed XML or API. Contact us for info.

How does our news feeds help companies?

News feeds will help company employees' stay informed of all the activities happening in the firm or market they work in. As they can be provided on company's website by such you let your audience stay longer.