Jordanian companies participate in Saudi Food Expo 2023

  • Date: 03-Jun-2023
  • Source: Ammon News
  • Sector:Agriculture
  • Country:Jordan
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Jordanian companies participate in Saudi Food Expo 2023

Ammon News - The Jordan Exporters Association (JEA) is organizing the Kingdom's participation in the Saudi Food Expo 2023, which will be held on June 20, at the Riyadh International Convention and Exhibition Center.

In a statement on Saturday, JEA head, Ahmed Khudari, said Jordan's participation in the fair is "key" for Jordanian industrial companies specialized in food industries, especially in the current stage that is witnessing global interest in food security.

Khudari added that the expo, in its first session, constitutes "an important" opportunity for Jordanian companies to learn about the latest developments in the food industry and exchange expertise with participants from different countries across the world.

Khudari said the three-day exhibition is "crucial" event for the food industry sectors in the region and globally, as the fair will bring together international companies, producers, suppliers and experts in the industry, as well as international chefs.

JEA, he noted, continues to provide all capabilities aimed to enhance presence of Jordanian industrial companies and exporters in all specialized international forums and exhibitions to promote Jordanian products, boost their competitiveness externally, and open new export markets for them.

Khudari said the Saudi market is a "key" market for Jordanian industrial exports, especially food, stressing importance