Egypt leader gives green light to Mideast’s largest park project

SourceArab News

CAIRO: An Egyptian project to build the largest park in the Middle East — a green “oasis” in the heart of historic Cairo — will get underway within days following a directive by Egypt’s President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi on Tuesday. El-Sisi told the government to begin implementing the Fustat Hills Park project as part of the country’s efforts to develop the greater Cairo region. The project will offer a window on Egypt’s history, and also aims to be a tourist attraction for regional and international visitors.

The park will be built on 500 acres in the center of historic Cairo and is set to be the largest in the Middle East. It will house the National Museum of Egyptian Civilization, alongside the Ain El-Sira Lake, the Religions Complex and Amr bin El-Aas Mosque. The park also will make an “ecological leap” as the largest green space in the heart of Cairo. During a meeting with Prime Minister Mostafa more...