Fairmont & ALL – Accor Live Limitless – Partner with “Art D’Egypte” on “Forever Is Now” Exhibition

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  • Date: 14-Oct-2021
  • Source: Egypt Today
  • Sector: Economy
  • Country: Egypt
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Fairmont & ALL – Accor Live Limitless – Partner with “Art D’Egypte” on “Forever Is Now” Exhibition

ALL - Accor Live Limitless - in cooperation with Fairmont, are pleased to announce a partnership with “Art D’Egypte” on their first international art exhibition “Forever Is Now”, taking place at the Giza Pyramids plateau on October 23, 2021. The exhibition represents a merge of ancient heritage and contemporary art, located at the oldest and last remaining of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, which today continues as a -UNESCO world heritage site. Bringing together some of the world’s leading experts and institutions, with centuries-worth of experience and knowledge on Egyptology, the archaeological history of the plateau, and the ancient history of the Great Pyramids of Giza. As part of the partnership, Fairmont Nile City was selected as the culinary partner, due to its refined hospitality and innovative gastronomic concepts, to host the VIP opening event of “Forever Is Now”. Throughout the course of the event, the culinary team will create a tailor made experience that represents Egyptian cuisine inspired by history’s art masterpieces, including a meticulously curated selection of unique tantalizing Egyptian dishes including Okra, Mulukhyah Kishk, Betaw bread, Mossaka, mezza and mixed grill. The VIP opening event will host over 300 international VIPs and international artists, including

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