Covid Hospitalizations Rise Nationwide Amid Delta Surge — Especially In These States



Coronavirus cases are rising across the United States yet again, causing an uptick in hospital visits among infected Americans, and a handful of states with especially severe Covid-19 surges are reporting higher-than-average hospitalization rates.

A nurse wearing personal protective equipment works in a Covid-19 intensive care unit at Martin … [+] Luther King Jr. Community Hospital in Los Angeles’ Willowbrook neighborhood on January 6, 2021.

AFP via Getty Images

Key Facts

Over the last week, U.S. hospitals have held an average of 21,695 Covid-19 patients in inpatient beds, up 30% from two weeks ago but down more than 80% from the country’s mid-January surge, according to federal data compiled by the New York Times.

Overall, about 3.2% of the country’s inpatient beds are currently taken up by coronavirus patients, the Department of Health and Human Services reports.

The most-impacted state is Nevada, where about 9.5% of total inpatient beds are used by people with Covid-19, according to HHS statistics — Nevada is also facing a virus outbreak, with average new cases reported more...