Potential Confrontation With China May Spike Oil Prices


Share to Linkedin We are more than halfway through first-quarter earnings season and S&P 500 earnings compared to the first quarter of last year are running at a 45% growth clip. And if you think that’s big, wait until you see second-quarter earnings growth. For the economy overall, first-quarter growth came in at a sizzling 6.

4%. And second quarter is projecting north of 13% GDP growth. With this story unfolding, we are finally seeing cracks in the Fed’s inflation denial campaign. The president of the Dallas Fed said today that it would make sense to start discussing how it would go about tapering QE. And then, Yellen (former Fed Chair and now Treasury Secretary) spoke out of school, saying that “interest rates will have to rise somewhat to make sure that our economy doesn’t overheat.” Wow! That combo punch is good enough to hit the stock market. And it did. But don’t worry, the walk back will follow. Already,...read more...