JSF-WBG dialogue session hears of public-private partnership

SourceJordan Times

AMMAN — The Jordan Strategies Forum (JSF) and World Bank Group (WBG) on Wednesday held a dialogue session under the theme “Public-private sector partnership in Jordan: Speeding up implementation”.

The event is aimed to enhance the private sector’s role in partnership projects with the government and discuss the next steps to accelerate the implementation of planned projects in Jordan.

Talks during the meeting also focussed on developing a permanent public-private dialogue mechanism, according to a statement made available to The Jordan Times.

JSF Chairman Abdelelah Khatib said that the dialogue session is part of the forum’s efforts to stimulate constructive dialogue and establish ties among stakeholders on pressing economic matters.

For his part, JSF CEO Ibrahim Seif said that “conditions are ripe to reach a true and effective partnership, especially after approving the public-private sectors partnership law and identifying a set of value-added partnership projects”.

He added that such partnerships have been hailed as success stories by various countries.   

Farid Belhadj, vice president of...