Pandemic crisis stifles demand for mobile phones — shopkeepers

SourceJordan Times

AMMAN — The pandemic crisis has reduced demand for mobile phones drastically, according to shopkeepers.

Despite the digital revolution and the rapid shift to online due to the pandemic, demand for smartphone remained stagnant, they said. 

According to Obaida Mahameed, a sales officer at a local mobile shop in Amman, the demand for smartphones has dropped by 80 per cent compared with previous years.

“Prior to the pandemic, sale rates were far higher than they are now and demand continues to decrease over time. The majority of consumers no longer purchase new devices, preferring to look for used ones that are half the price. And used devices are not always available,” Mahameed noted.

He indicated that since the onset of the pandemic crisis, people’s priorities have changed.

Under the current conditions, smartphones are not a priority product, he noted. 

“When people’s phones break, they don’t buy new ones, instead, they repair them. Even smartphone accessories aren’t in high demand either,” Mahameed told The more...