‘Too Hot To Handle’s’ Desiree Burch On Race, Comedy & Dating Shows


Desiree Burch, the narrator of the hit Netflix show "Too Hot to Handle." Idil Sukin Comedian and actress Desiree Burch says the things we’re all thinking as we watch absurd-yet-addictive reality shows. As the narrator for Too Hot To Handle, Netflix NFLX’s dating show where actually hooking up gets you booted from the program, Burch delivers zinger after zinger. She has a unique ability to laugh with the contestants rather than at them—which would be too easy. Instead, you imagine her delivering her insightful barbs with a hug and a smile. “We all like these people,” she says of her approach to narration. “There’s a lot to be made fun of within the genre and the way they’re behaving, but they’re also...read more...