COVID-19: Should the UK export vaccines to help India reign in the pandemic?

SourceThe Economist
CountrySaudi Arabia

One in five doses being jabbed around the world is made in India. The country is also the largest exporter of COVID-19 vaccines to the rest of the world.

Yet, when it comes to inoculating its own people against coronavirus, the South Asian nation has barely covered a tenth of its population, and is now seeing a record number of new deaths every day.

There are fears over whether India’s demand for vaccines to tackle the pandemic might impact other, often lower-income countries in their fights against COVID-19.

Why? About 30% of doses that are exported to other countries are produced in India, Sky News analysis of data from the science analytics company Airfinity shows.

The world depends on four countries which will supply 70% of the total 13.7 billion doses agreed to be manufactured so far: China, India, Germany and the US.

The rest of the doses will more...