Fashion Commission in Saudi Arabia finalizes sector development strategy

CountrySaudi Arabia

The study resulted in the identification of several enabling factors, including: research and innovation; product development; manufacturing and supply chain; retail and distribution; marketing and communication; and product life-cycle management.

The Commission’s analysis was supported by views from the Saudi fashion community and includes additional focus areas to drive the sector’s advancement, through building robust educational and training programs to develop work-ready graduates, providing outlets to distribute locally designed products, and building networks between designers, investors and beneficiaries.

In addition to increasing the sector’s efficiency in producing highly manufactured products, providing support in product development, and ensuring Saudi’s rich heritage is reflected in its fashion.

The Fashion Commission’s strategy has four guiding principles: 1. Set the right ambition for the sector along each step of the value chain; 2. Plan in waves to balance short-term needs, mid-term goals and long-term ambitions; 3.

Grant short-term focus to address today’s challenges for stakeholders and achieve material results in less than 12 months and, more...