Several G20 Leaders Participate in Event of Pandemic Preparedness and Response on Sidelines of G20 Summit

SourceEye of Riyadh
CountrySaudi Arabia


ime Minister of Italy, Giuseppe Conte, said: “The G20 itself has taken unprecedented measures…which allowed to reach important milestones – the access to the COVID tools Accelerator is one of those milestones.” In his speech during the side event of the G20 Leaders' Summit on Pandemic Preparedness and Response, he disclosed that the international community has faced, all through the few last months, an unprecedented pandemic, in a century, due to the health and socio-economic fallouts of it, pointing out that, despite such a painful fact, the good news is our capability to consolidate and realize a world-wide rally to counter the pandemic. President of Argentina, Alberto Fernandez, said: “In Argentina, we have worked on a comprehensive approach, putting the protection of people's lives first.In his speech, the President of Argentina affirmed that cooperation and solidarity are the two key elements to fight the pandemic."This battle is not just a task of governments, but the responsibility of the international community, and it requires a global solidarity," he added. President of France Emmanuel Macron stressed that the COVID-19 pandemic remains a challenge for the whole world, and a challenge for the G20 in particular, pointing out that since the 2008 economic crisis, the more...