UAE expanded economic reach, growing strategic weight under Khalifa’s leadership

  • Date: 14-May-2022
  • Source: Zawya
  • Sector: Economy
  • Country: UAE
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UAE expanded economic reach, growing strategic weight under Khalifa’s leadership

The late president had his thoughtful vision for the Arab Gulf as a strategic region whose security and stability are fundamental to the security and stability of the world.

Under his leadership, UAE continued its significant role in deepening ties of cooperation between GCC states and their peoples, and effectively contributed to the sustainable development drives adopted by the region.

In so doing, the late Sheikh Khalifa was keen on following in the footsteps of the UAE Founding Fathers, consolidating bridges of cooperation with all Arab nations across all fronts.

During the past years, in which many Arab countries faced major challenges, the UAE contributed to maintaining Arab security, providing all possible means of support for defending Arab causes.

During the global health crisis, triggered by the COVID-19 pandemic, the UAE has been unswervingly standing by Arab nations in addressing the repercussions through the dispatch of medical supplies, food and other humanitarian aid and services.

Under late Sheikh Khalifa, the UAE forged strategic partnerships with emerging economic powers like China, India and South Korea, while continuing to powerhouses led by the United States and Russia. It also continued to strengthen cooperation relations with the European Union members, notably France, Britain, Germany and other influential international

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