How the UAE is helping with the growth of the gig economy in the Middle East

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  • Date: 07-Dec-2020
  • Source: Arabian Business
  • Sector: Economy
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How the UAE is helping with the growth of the gig economy in the Middle East

You may have heard the term ‘gig economy' being used more frequently in recent times. A gig economy is not a new concept and it holds many characteristics that represent a traditional style of an employer-employee relationship. However, although this ‘style' of working has been prevalent for a long time, it has evolved due to the current economic climate, as well as to attitudes towards work culture and a work-life balance that have been pushed into the spotlight thanks to the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic.   

Essentially, the gig economy can be viewed as a career path that lacks the shackles (or benefits) sometimes associated with more ‘standard' forms of employment. There are no probations, contractual obligations, long-term conditions, or a standardised work schedule. The gig economy allows for those with confidence, hard-work ethic and a free-spirit, the opportunity to thrive and forge their own career path.

Per capita, the UAE has one of the highest percentages of freelancers in the world, only behind Hong Kong, USA and South Korea. The UAE's labour laws are favourable to independent workers, reflected in the fact that the UAE government offers part-time visas that allow individuals to work on a project basis.

Gig economy is redefining