Is NEOM Going as Planned and Will It Be Dubai’s Regional Rival?

SourceAl Bawaba
CountryUAE Top Picks

As Dubai has for the last decades represented the modern face of the GCC, the NEOM city announced in 2017 by the Saudi Crown Prince Mohammad Bin Salman promises a new just as a competitive economic hub in the region. But where has it's development reach so far and what is it going to look like? As part of his highly ambitious 2030 Vision, the Saudi heir has promised a new vibrant business oasis in the Arabian desert, which is NEOM. The first three letters of the project's name stand for the Greek word NEO, meaning new, and the M letter refers to the Arabic word Mustaqbal, meaning the future, which highlights the premise of this new aspiring zone as the new future. The $500 billion proposals first introduced in the fall of 2017 more...