AUB allocates $150 million to support its community over the next three years

SourceNational News Agency - Lebanon

NNA – American University of Beirut (AUB) President Dr. Fadlo Khuri announced the university’s plan to provide $150 million as base support packages in real (“fresh”) US dollars, to all faculty, physicians, and full-time and part-time staff at the university and its medical center, with no exception, starting on the first of July 2021 and over a period of three years until June 2024. This came after the decision of the Board of Trustees to allocate $150 million to support the AUB community.

Khuri said that this plan, which will be subject to annual review, “is consistent with our solemn undertaking throughout the series of political, economic, and social crises that Lebanon is passing through, that we shall expend all efforts within our means to ensure no member of the AUB family or their dependents should be left to suffer the full consequences of the more...