Infonas and Sunny Isle Studios announce Marketing Strategy Partnership

SectorFinancial Markets

Infonas Telecommunications and digital transformational company Sunny Isle Studios are pleased to announce that they have signed a Marketing Strategy Transformation Program, combining Infonas’ cutting-edge utilisation of technology with Sunny Isle Studios’ international, next-generation marketing services. The move fully supports the Kingdom of Bahrain in becoming a technology hub of the region and will ensure Infonas can better serve and engage with the  local and international business community. The partnership brings to life Infonas’ drive to be a customer-based company at the forefront of the ever-changing times of modern technology, further enhancing Infonas’ ability to communicate and engage on its products and services. Infonas Marketing Manager Hassan Nowrooz emphasised that “Together, working as one team, we will show the full potential of digital transformations, putting our clients on the best path for success in the new digital business world.

Delivering this marketing strategy and digital transformation will allow us to provide the very best for businesses globally, building the next generation of transformative enterprises”. The Infonas – Sunny Isle Studios partnership brings together deep skills in technology, ideation and marketing in order to effectively deliver industry-leading products and services in the telecommunications sector. As global telecom carrier and more...