Summer 2020 Housing Starts: Capitalizing On The Suburban, Multi-Generational Home And Office

SectorFinancial Markets

The census bureau will release new home construction figures for August tomorrow. An earlier prediction of a 6.6% contraction for 2020 is dire but new residential construction is already rebounding since April with rising prices buoyed by low supply and mortgage rates. Nevertheless, commercial real estate, especially on the retail side, is projected to suffer due to a surge in eCommerce activity, home offices and overall safety and quality-of-life concerns in crowded cities. Now that many of us working adults have worked remotely and experienced the advantages as well as the trials and tribulations of this set-up for the first time, let’s take stock of what will likely be life and work-at-home in 2021. The added complexity of having children partially or fully engaged in distance learning as mandated more...