Dish Network Corporation Ranked Among Today’s Trending Stocks

SectorFinancial Markets


TV and oil and cloud call center technology, oh my! (We’re out of breath.)

Every day, brings you what’s hot and trending in the land of stocks. Today’s trending list focuses mostly on technology stocks, as AT&T and Dish have big news for the world, with a quick visit to the oil fields as ExxonMobil struggles with its increasingly slippery stock prices.

Meanwhile, Monday saw stocks tumble considerably as one sell-off after another led to the Dow Jones Industrial Average posting its worst day since last October on a nearly 726-point (2.1%) loss.

Moreover, the S&P 500 plunged 1.6% with energy and financials leading the way, while the Nasdaq Composite fared best at just 1.1% down.

S&P 500 (blue), Nasdaq Composite (yellow), and Dow Jones Industrial Average (purple) 1-year … [+] performance

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