Arab Household Long-term Savings Conference 2021 to be hosted in Bahrain

SectorFinancial Markets

The economics of long-term savings for households, its significance for their financial resilience, and what are the right vehicles for household long-term savings and building up assets across the MENA region are some of the topics to be discussed in the Arab Household Long-term Savings Conference 2021, organised by Fintech Robos, the Bahrain-based providers of savings and pensions technology. “Several reports by reputed consultancy groups almost unanimously point to the fact that at least one third of people in MENA do not save any money; two thirds of people do not save enough or regularly, and close to 80% of people say they don’t feel confident about their financial future,” said Ebrahim K Ebrahim, CEO of Fintech Robos, the conference organisers. Ebrahim says there’s a direct relationship between household savings ratios and healthy economy, and between household savings ratios and future social security. “If savings is key to a healthy economy, then it must be reasonably high and sustainable, more...