Bahraini student wins a year’s salary of BD 5,000 per month in Al Salam Bank’s Danat Saving scheme

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Al Salam Bank-Bahrain (Al Salam Bank), a leading Shari’a-compliant Bank in the Kingdom, has named 22 year-old Bahraini student Hussain Ali Al Qarooni as the winner of a year’s salary of BD 5,000 per month. The prize is part of the bank’s Danat Saving Scheme which has been running for 12 years and offers customers the chance to win attractive prizes. The lineup of prizes for 2020 features a range of cash prizes, including daily prizes of US $1000, three monthly prizes of US $100,000 and 9 monthly branch special prizes worth US$ 2,000 each. The semi-annual prize of one year’s salary at BD 5,000 per month has been awarded to Mr. Al Qarooni. However, the Al Dana Grand Prize of a luxury villa in Saar with a luxury more...