Saudi Banks Acquire 80% of Debt Burdening Construction Firm ‘Binladin’

SourceAsharq AL-awsat
SectorFinancial Services
CountrySaudi Arabia

The Binladin International Holding Group, one of the Middle East’s biggest construction companies, is witnessing remarkable progress in its debt restructuring plans as reports revealed that Saudi banks acquired nearly 80% of the company’s debt.

Binladin’s CEO Khalid al-Gwaiz, in an interview with Al Arabiya TV channel, revealed that the company’s debt was not far from 33 billion riyals ($8.8 billion) and added that the ongoing restructuring process with lenders is the biggest in the Middle East.

Last week, the construction company held a virtual meeting with lenders to discuss a restructuring proposal approved by the company’s board that it said would align “stakeholder incentives to support the company.”

Gwaiz said lenders have indicated preliminary approval for the plan, according to the Al Arabiya report. He also said a formal initial agreement is expected in June, before details are finalized and documented by September or the fourth quarter.

Binladin, according to Gwaiz, has identified opportunities in the construction market in the Kingdom amounting more...