5 reasons this is the UAE’s favourite cashback credit card

SourceGulf News
SectorFinancial Services

Modern life is incredibly hectic, so efficiency and speed in our daily interactions have never been more highly valued – especially when it comes to our finances. Hence the rocketing rise in popularity of cashback credit cards. They are easy to understand, and the main benefit comes in the most useful rewards currency – dirhams as opposed to points or frequent flyer miles.

Using a cashback card is like getting paid to spend money that you were going to spend anyway, and big spenders can easily earn hundreds of dirhams a year in cashback. They can also help you simplify your finances and take advantage of perks that debit cards don’t offer. And since cashback rewards are straightforward to use, they are the most preferred rewards credit card. If you are looking for the best cashback card, pick the one that lets you do things quickly, gives you the most money back (when you want it) and does so with...read more...