Filipino father wins big in Dubai draw after using remaining balance in credit card

SourceGulf News
SectorFinancial Services

Dubai: A 34-year old Filipino expat really got lucky after using the remaining Dh35 left in his credit card. He used it to buy a Mahzooz ticket and won Dh142, 857 in the draw held over the weekend. Dennis, a Dubai resident and an accountant by profession, said: "That Dh35 was the last money I had on my credit card. I had originally meant to participate in the March 27 draw, but I submitted my entry just a few minutes late and so it rolled over to April 3.

Thankfully, luck was really on my side." Dennis matched five out of six winning numbers (2-9-10-15-19-41) to share the Dh1m Mahzooz second-tier prize with six other expats, namely: Muhammad, 29, from Pakistan; Shehar, 39, from India; Cris, 32, from the Philippines; James, 30, from Ireland, and two other anonymous winners. Dennis, whose family is in the Philippines, said the past few months "have been filled with challenges and hardships because more...