2 Dubai barbers steal Dh1.8m by hacking online bank account

SourceKhaleej Times
SectorFinancial Services

Two barbers have stood trial in Dubai for allegedly siphoning off Dh1.8 million from a bank account. The Dubai Court of First Instance heard how the two defendants — both Indian expats, aged 26 and 27 — reportedly posed as the bank customer, requested a cheque book, and forged signatures to empty the complainant’s bank account. Court records show that the duo had fraudulently obtained a cheque book and a debit card through online banking. They allegedly contacted the bank and answered security questions, impersonating the bank account holder. The case dates back to May 7 and was registered at Al Rafaa police station. A bank investigator told the prosecutor that on May 27, the complainant had reported that his account had ...read more...