Three-fold rise in COVID cases in Oman in a month | Times of Oman

SourceTimes of Oman

There were 1, 931 new cases of COVID-19 reported on Wednesday, June 9, 2021, which is 3. 35 times higher than the 576 cases reported on May 11. During this time frame, the number of new hospital admissions has also increased.

On May 11, 83 new patients were admitted to hospitals. This steadily increased to 128 admissions on June 9. Dr Faryal Al Lawati, a Senior Consultant in Infectious Diseases at the Royal Hospital, said she had witnessed an unprecedented increase in infection numbers during the current wave, when compared to previous ones. “The indicators of this wave are very worrisome, and this recent spike in numbers is because of gatherings that took place during Eid,” she said, speaking to Shabiba FM, the radio station of Al Shabiba, the Arabic publication of the Times of Oman. “Patients admitted to ICUs might have other contributing factors, but during this wave, the number of infections have increased because the virus more...