Saudi Arabia has provided 9.5 mln COVID-19 vaccines so far: Health minister

SourceAl Arabiya
CountrySaudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia’s health minister, Dr. Tawfiq Al-Rabiah, said during his speech in a dialog session about what has been achieved in Vision 2030, that the Kingdom has come close to providing 9.5 million vaccines, stressing on the importance of the quality of vaccines, not the quantity.

Al-Rabiah added that the health transformation program focuses on developing the sector.

“There have been great achievements since the launch of the Vision 2030 programs, with regard to the health sector. Citizens used to struggle to get an appointment, but through Sehaty application this problem ended, as many remote services are provided.

We receive 14,000 calls per day, medical services are provided remotely, and over 30,000 people receive electronic prescriptions, and 200,000 people are requesting daily to register for the coronavirus vaccination,” he added.

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Al-Rabiah pointed out that the Wasfaty program has so far provided about 12.5 million prescriptions within 5 years.

Regarding the health facilities that will more...